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Today to help us learn our concepts 'up', 'in front', 'behind', 'under', 'through', 'behind' we used lots of sensory activities.  Sensory activities help children learn through their sense of touch, smell and sight.  We also read the great story 'The Bear Hunt'.  We used this story to help us learn our concepts as well.  The children had so much fun with this activity and some said it was their favourite!!

Up Up and Away!!

Our craft activity today was a hot air balloon.  The children needed to be careful when they were cutting out the circle.  The then needed to put all of the other pieces on and decorate their craft!
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Social Skills

We spoke a lot today about feeling safe and un-safe when we are playing. We looked at different facial expressions of people in safe situations and un-safe situations, we were really good at picking the   difference! 

Footy Week
It was great celebrating our favourite footy teams today. We had lots of fun doing some footy drills and playing handball. We cut out our own footballs and wrote out teams on them. We even made some footy cookies!!  At circle time we all had a great chat about out footy teams and some of us have even been to see a live footy match with out family and friends!

The letter 'S'

Today we talked about the letter 's' and did a special craft activity using Sparkles!  It was a great activity for the children to use their fine motor skills.  They had to be careful with picking up each sparkle and gluing them on the paper.


Our maths activity today focused on number recognition and place value of numbers. The children did a great job trying to understand and work through some of the activities.